christmas sweater poetry…

I’m going to attempt some Christmas style haiku, a few not-a-limericks, and maybe some real limericks every day this week! It’s my gift to you guys because I can’t actually buy presents for everyone and I love giving things to people! I asked the internet for Christmas themes to write about, and this one was given to me by my dear friend, Andrea. I hope you enjoy! (P.S. Andrea, I love your face! Can’t wait to see you!)

Puppies in stockings
Kittens wearing Santa hats
Adorning sweaters

There once was a cat in a stocking
with sequins and all sorts of flocking
the cat looked quite silly
on a shirt worn by Billy
As he paraded himself around attempting to bring holiday cheer to the Grinches of the world, but in the process making himself look a bit ridiculous because grown men should not wear sweaters covered in Christmasy animals no matter how cute those animals may be.

Reindeer pulled a sleigh through the sky,
across a red and green background did fly!
Bells jingled their song
where they were sewn on
and Rudolph’s nose actually glowed red due to the fact that it was a tiny little light bulb powered by a battery stashed in the sweater wearer’s pocket.

Trees decked to the nines,
presents stacked in piles below–
3D sweater fun!

Reds, greens, sequins, bling–
a Christmas sweater party!
Elves, trees, penguins.

He can see you now
from his place on that guy’s chest
Santa watches you

A fat man in a suit
gave a girl a flute
the girl cried and cried
the man dried her eyes
and told her next year she shouldn’t throw rotten fruit at the kids that were younger than her and maybe she would get something she actually wanted instead of a musical instrument she didn’t care to learn to play.


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