oh, hi there kristie…

I would like you to all meet my friend Kristie. She blogs! She hails from Seattle by way of Idaho by way of Florida, and she has amazing stories to tell. I asked her if she would be interested in doing a monthly writing-prompt-blog-swap with me, and she said yes! Here is the deal, (this time) I chose a picture, and we both wrote what the picture told us to write. Below is her post, I know you will enjoy what she wrote here, the girl has mad skills with words.


There is the me who cherishes the process, the journey, the becoming.
Cherish is too strong, maybe it’s that I simply endure.
I endure the journey, the changing, the evolving.

It starts this and then becomes something else entirely.
The fog, lifting, moving, showing something that could me more beautiful.

It’s hard to tell right now.
It’s still morning, or is it evening?
It’s 3am. You pick.

There is a part of me who sees the present as a chapter of the story, the story that will one day be more than I know it to be now.
Oh, how I hope that to be true.

Until then, I’ll sit in the middle–in the cold, in the mist, in the pretend rays of sunshine I’m willing onto my face.
I’ll sit in a picture trying to become words.

(Photo by Heidi Sonoda — Heidi Jahn Photography)


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