fluff piece #27: the obvious…

There was a rhythm,
tap, tap tapping in my soul–
telling me you wanted me,
and that this love was true.
And now you stand there acting like
there was never an us.
While you put your hand on her shoulder
walking through my door.
Not my door,
but the door to the place
I got in this whole mess.
This is my space
and now you are here
with her on your arm
telling me that you want a seat.
Played me like the fiddle
that I hold against my shoulder
playing now, staring you down
with my icy glare
From this stage where I reign
and, my dear, you lose.
You lose because you were never as good
as you thought you were,
and now you are here
and she is with you,
but as I see your jaw drop
(when you look at me in this dress)
I know that you regret
your pathetic choices,
and your pathetic friends
and the way they run your life.
No better revenge than the slit in my skirt
making her cringe
because she obviously knows
since you’re an obvious jerk.

edit: This was inspired by Adele’s album 21. I was listening, this is what came out.


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