geek girl con (the rest)…

Sure, this post is VERY late. But I’m going to comfort myself by saying that late is better than never.

Part 3: Everything Else!

(To be talked about in this post: Cosplayers, swag, food, fun, swooning.)

I’m starting off with a picture of me with Andrea. Why? Because she’s awesome and she (along with her husband) let me stay at her house while I was away from mine! This is us on the monorail (fancy-schmacy) on our way to the EMP for the con!

Cosplayers are my heroes. They have confidence and they want people to notice them. That absolutely blows my mind! I love the idea of cosplaying. I talk about it every now and then. However, my friend Brandi said something that made me second guess myself on that. “They want you to take their picture. That’s why they do it.” Um, *gulp*! I’m not sure if I can live up to that statement, personally. I’ve done a bit of the cosplaying in my time. Well, I’ve done it twice, both times for movie premiers. Here is proof:

Yep, that’s me as an oompa loompa and as a Gryffindor. Here’s the thing though. I did that for me. Not because I wanted attention, but because it was really, really fun. I’m a bit scared to go into public like the con folk in their amazing costumes and have people expect that I want to be photographed. I think that’s one of the areas where my brain is broken. Anyhow, bring on the cosplay photos!

Aren’t those fantastic? I especially enjoy the lady Link and the crocheted Bowser shell.

So, we got really lucky and the Arab Festival was going on at the same time as the con in the same location. This meant that instead of fast food or having to leave to find good food, we got kabob, rice pilaf, hummus, baba ganoush, amazing salad, and baklava. I’m pretty sure I would eat that exact meal at least 3 times a week if I knew where to find it around here. It was amazing!

We had a lot of fun exploring and looking at things. It was exhausting. The first day alone I bought 3 largeish books and a few comics. I had them with me in my backpack all day and by the end of the day my shoulders were killing me. However, I got said books and comics signed by people I adore, and that made it worth it.
I was completely atwitter after meeting Jane Espenson. Seriously people, she wrote for Buffy! She also did episodes for Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Dollhouse and Gilmore Girls. On top of that, she wrote for Game of Thrones and is currently working on a show I am very excited about: Once Upon a Time. *Swoon* Guys, she talked to me! We had a conversation. She signed copies of a couple of Buffy comics for me that she wrote, and then we chatted about writing and how much I admired what she has done and her ability with words. I felt really, really silly. I acted like a total fangirl. Anyhow, I got to meet writers and they signed things for me and we did lots of things around and about. It was more fun than I can quantify with words. So:

1: A picture of the Space Needle. 2: Brandi getting some awesome eye makeup. 3: Free 5 Hour Energy. It was disgusting and I’m not sure it worked.

Brandi, Andrea, and I chilling with a tiny Tardis and Amelia Pond.

The only thing I really have left to talk about regarding Geek Girl Con is the swag I brought back with me. And there was a lot of it. I bought books, prints, comics, pins, and a vampire. I also walked away with some starter Magic decks that I forgot to photograph because they are getting cozy with the rest of my Magic decks. I got three though: blue, black, and green. Andrea got some too. They were just handed to us at the Card Kingdom booth. Well, actually, we saw the guy give decks to someone else, we loitered for a while, he didn’t offer any to us. Later we went back, engaged him in conversation and scored our own! That’s how the passive aggressive lot gets free stuff! Anyhow, here are pictures of my stuff!

1: The entire pile of stuff. 2: Some comics I grabbed. 3: Vampires from Little Vampires.

1: Books! Wicked, Dreadnaught, Leviathan, Becoming the Villianess, She Returns to the Floating World, and Buffy Comics. 2: Two awesome, little comic books.

1: Little Vampires buttons. 2: Geek Girl Con buttons. 3: Doubleclicks buttons.

That’s about it! I had a blast going up to Seattle and hanging out with Brandi, Andrea, Drew, Andy, and Rachael. It was a fantastic trip! I met great new people, spent a lot of time completely overwhelmed, ate amazing food, and got to explore the city a bit (but that’s another blog). I hope you all enjoyed reading my recaps of the event, and I hope some of you make it next year!

Oh! P.S. I took these pictures today too. This isn’t Geek Girl Con swag, but it is swag from Seattle. Brandi acquired this amazing mustache on a chain for me at PAX, and gave it to me before the concert on night one. It was, at one point, Jonathan Coulton’s mustache, but now it is mine because Brandi is awesome and when he said he didn’t have much use for it, she told him she knew someone that would love it. She was right, I do love it.

1: The awesome mustache. 2: JoCo’s signature on said awesome mustache. 3: Cole’s pirate crocodile rocking my mustache as a pair of glasses because Cole thought it was HILARIOUS.

And this is me and my mustache the night of the concert. I wore it the rest of the night as a necklace. It looked pretty awesome.

Okay, now that’s really all. Bye!


2 thoughts on “geek girl con (the rest)…

  1. Maybe I should clarify, I didn’t mean it to scare you away, but usually, Cosplayers are really proud of their work and people asking to take their picture means they are impressed too, which is a compliment and a good thing.

    I said it so you wouldn’t feel shy asking to take their picture, not to talk you out of Cosplaying. You should totally do it, and remember everyone who asks to take your picture is just saying, “OMG YOU ARE AWESOME!”

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