a few geek girl con limericks…

This weekend I was in Seattle at the first annual Geek Girl Con. It was awesome. Next year will also be awesome, so if you are sad you weren’t there, you can just start making plans now. Below are three limericks that I wrote yesterday during an impromptu event. Before the limericks I gave you all a little info on the people they are about.

I had the pleasure of getting to know this really great band over the course of the event. The Doubleclicks are from Portland, Oregon and they are absolutely amazing. A while back, my friend Brandi introduced me to their music and I was thrilled with it! The lyrics are funny and smart and geeky and wonderful. I was absolutely thrilled to find that the girls matched their music perfectly.

Marian Call was also a presence this weekend. Just as she was at her concert in Boise, she was very sweet. Her music is jazzy and full of fun and I enjoyed getting to hear her live again!

Another singer, Molly Lewis, was also hanging with The Clicks and Marian at the con. I had heard a few of her songs online, but I wasn’t overly familiar with her. (I did know her Abraham Lincoln song which is FANTASTIC! As a Civil War era history nerd, I fell pretty hard for it, I won’t lie.) I’m glad I got to hear a bit more of her music this weekend. She writes some great songs!

Marian’s Limerick

In Alaska she doth make her home,
though hither and yon oft’ she roams.
Her trusty typewriter
is always beside her
So she’s never off roaming alone.

A Limerick about The Doubleclicks

Two sisters, one guitar and a cello,
play music for geek gals and fellows.
Singing songs about D and D,
Cthulhu, and zombies,
but not about bright colored jello.

The One About Molly Lewis

A song about dear Mr. T
was played on a ukelele
Molly did croon
the crowd did swoon
a great tune for busking, indeed!


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