it’s raining, not pouring, but still…

The rain, the rain
it falls on the pane,
it splashes on sidewalks,
and wets down terrain.
The rain, the rain
it waters my head,
it soaks through my shoes,
when through it I tread.
The rain, the rain
it plops down from the sky,
it makes mockery of,
those who wish to stay dry!

It’s raining today and that means I’m happy! I’m full of energy and ready to take on the world. It’s a bit backwards, I know. Most people are energized by the good ol’ Vitamin D they get from the sun, but I’m a bit different than most people and I think you all know that. I start shriveling up like a thirsty plant when it goes too long in between drinks. It is absolutely necessary for me to feel rain on my skin in order for me to feel whole and happy. So, happy rainy day! I hope you take full advantage of the awesome that is the wetness outside.


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