yarn crafts…

I finally did it! I finally finished my insomnia hat. It started as a way to do something creative when I was up too late at night not sleeping, however it had been cast aside for writing projects and work in the late hours. So, the other day I picked it back up! Two sittings, and it was finished. I love it. The best part about knitting my own hats is that they fit! My abnormally gigantic head generally has to squeeze into standard knit hats and I end up with a headache, but when I make my own, I can make them extra large. It’s great!

After completing the hat, I was feeling the need for more knitting, so I started some leg warmers for myself. They are squishy and black and I am very excited to get them finished.
Bethany’s blanket is coming along. It’s slow work, but it’s coming. It is getting big enough that it is hard to carry around which means that little projects come with me in my backpack. However, I have it next to my bed now and I’m going to try and knit at it a bit every night. I want to have it finished by Christmas if not a bit before.
Years and years ago I promised Josh a hat. I never really kept that promise. I started one for him last year, but didn’t get it done before it started warming up so I set it aside. A couple of days ago I picked it back up and I’m going to try and have it finished by elk season. Deer season starts in a few weeks, and I’m not sure I can make it by then, but elk season should be doable.


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