magic knitting con…

I’ve been a bit slow with my knitting projects lately. Part of the slowness comes from working now. Jobs take up time. Who would’ve thought? Anyhow, it seems that I have stumbled across the secret to my knitting success! It is knitting while playing Magic. Our Saturday games usually consist of more than 5 people playing one another. It is a lot of fun, but it also means there can be some very, very slow bits waiting for one’s turn. Knowing this, and trying to avoid any boredom (and therefore crankiness), I took along a knitting project I have been working on for close to a year. It is a hat that I want to have done for myself in the next couple of weeks. Anyhow, it had been sitting in stasis for quite a while, but just a few hours of Magic knitting and I’d put a good 4 inches on the thing! Go me! It should be done in plenty of time for…


That’s right, I’m going to a con. I’ve had misgivings about exposing my nerdiness to the world in a lot of areas. However, this, my friends, is not one of them. I am beyond excited for the event. I’m excited for the concert, for the panels, for the vendors, the exhibitors, and especially for spending some time with some great friends! So, now I’m planning a trip. I love taking trips! I’m buying plane tickets and thinking about what to pack and wear. It is going to be an extremely good time, and I can’t wait!


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