it was an astronaut…

There are a few things you need to know for this story.

1. There is a Chik-fil-A inside the BSU student union building.
2. My friend Andrea is visiting me from Washington with her adorable 2 month old baby boy.
3. It is new student orientation time right now.

Yesterday I was walking through the middle of campus to get some tasty lunch at the only Chik-fil-A even relatively close to where I live. I had my two little goblins in tow along with my friends James and Andrea and Andrea’s little one. As we were walking, a group of professors and such walk up behind us and we hear, “Man, the students get younger every year!” “It sure feels that way, doesn’t it?” One of them walks up next to us and sees Andrea’s baby in her Moby Wrap. She coos over the baby for a while and then looks at James and Andrea and says, “Cute kids! This is a very nice family you have.”

After she walks away, James said, “You know who that was, right? Barbara Morgan, the astronaut!” (He is totally star struck, by the way. I’m slightly less star struck because I’m slightly more familiar with her, being that she taught at me elementary school.)

My response to James came in a laugh and a good ribbing. “You know what she just said, right? She just said you two have a nice little family. That means she thinks you two have four children. One of them being me. James, you’re so old.”

Andrea’s response, “I’ll accept your children as my own. But you are my step child from his previous relationship. You are not mine.”

I’ll take it. Barbra Morgan, the astronaut, thought I was a small child, that my children were cute and Andrea’s, and that a small part of my group of friends made a very nice little family. Andrea and I laughed about it four hours, I don’t think James was quite as amused…


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