fluff piece #18: oy…

I apologize for how bad this is. You know, you don’t even have to read it. But here is the thing, a goal is a goal and I am determined to meet mine without forgetting to post in a week again. I have oodles of legitimate excuses (friends visiting, babies to hold, birthdays to celebrate, work to do), but the truth is, I phoned this one in. Maybe it will at least make you giggle? Maybe?

Too many late nights
and nothing to say.
Another month over,
it dawns a new day.
Time for less hot,
I am ready for cool.
Wish I had a reason,
to buy supplies for school…

Also, because I feel bad:


There once was a girl with a shoe,
whose match she often did lose.
With fear she was fraught
’til this sudden thought,
“I should go buy super glue and just glue the shoes together! Then I will always know where they both are…”

The end.

(edit: Also, I had publishing issues with this. So it looks like it was posted on the first, but it was written on the 31st of July. So, yeah.)


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