fluff piece #14: i’m not sure who is wrong here…

Such a mean thing to do,
pretending that you do not see me as I walk by.
You know I am here,
I am the one waiving my arms and yelling your name.
You just laughed at me with your friend, just now!
Unfortunately for you, you jerk, I can read lips.
I am not insane,
Neither am I irrational,  unreasonable, or vexing.
You are a projector of the worst sort.
You project all that is wrong with you, onto me.
Not others, just me.
So I plan to slaughter you with unflattering remarks.
“Hey there you ninny!
You pedantic waste of good cubic feet!
You smell like pickle and onion sandwiches!
I am revenged.


One thought on “fluff piece #14: i’m not sure who is wrong here…

  1. Uh. You’ve threatened to feed me onion and pickle sandwiches on more than one occasion. Is… Is that a coincidence? Please let that be a coincidence, because the other day I said I had a “mighty big twitch.” You’re not a very good lip-reader.

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