a home for my dice…

It seems like my last knitting post was ages ago! So, look! A knitting post!

A while back I mentioned that I was creating/had created a bag for my dice to live in. After my very first game of Dungeons and Dragons, I realized that dice should have a better place to exist than the container they come in, so I got to work. After looking for a pattern on my favorite knitting sites and coming up empty handed, I began to form a plan to create one of my own design.

Not only was this the first knitting pattern that I had ever come up with on my own, but it was also my first attempt to chart and duplicate stitch a design onto a finished product.

For the bag I didn’t do anything special. I cast on in the round and knit a tube. Once I had it long enough, I seamed the bottom of the bag. For the top, I split the tube into two sections. after knitting each side up (back and forth and no longer in the round… I hope that makes sense) for a few rows, I turned each side down and sewed them into a casing to run a string through to tie the bag up.

The duplicate stitched design was a little more complicated. It involved me being a little more creative than I usually get. You see, the design is that from my guild’s tabard on World of Warcraft. I knew from the beginning it is what I wanted, so I set about creating the closest representation possible. I found some knitting graph paper and got to work! I think I did a pretty good job. I’m now completely in love with the idea of duplicate stitch and I’m trying to figure out what to use it on next! Maybe a certain blanket for a certain baby I need to get finished in the very near future. The due date is sneaking up so quickly!

Anyhow, my dice now have a very nice place to live. I think they like their home and I’m quite happy with it as well.


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