fluff piece #9: a make up post…

This fluff piece comes to you via a story time I had with my kids. I asked them a bunch of questions and worked their answers into an outline I’d created beforehand. It was almost a mad lib, but not quite. I wanted more freedom with the story than that. Also, I think this counts quite well as a make up piece for last week because this was created last week, I just didn’t post it. In fact, I never planned on posting it, but I think it is fun and I needed something to cover my grievous error of not posting, so here it is.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess and a very big dragon. The princess liked to play in the flowers with her best friend, the dragon, but one day the dragon did not come to play. When the princess got to the flowers to look for her friend, all she found was a note. The note said, “My dear friend the princess, I have gone off to pursue a life as a pirate. I will miss you, but I must do what I must do and a pirate is what I must be.” The princess was very sad. For days she sat in her room and stared off at the flowers hoping to see her friend frolicking back through them, but, alas, that did not occur. Finally, the princess got tired of sitting and playing with her books, video games, and dolls. She got up, put on a pretty dress, and went looking for the dragon.

Meanwhile, on a pirate ship, the dragon was feeling lonely. He enjoyed being a pirate and riding around on a boat, but he missed his best friend. He had collected a large treasure chest full of gold doubloons, but with no one to share them with, they did not seem very exciting. All of his adventures running from crocodiles and dinosaurs meant even less because he had no one to talk about them with. He may be what he had always wanted to be, but he still missed playing in the flowers.

Just as the dragon was getting ready to flap his wings and fly away from the pirates and his pirate ship, he saw a little boat coming through the water. He squinted his big dragon eyes and saw that it was the princess rowing toward him! She was on a pink and purple boat that matched her pink and purple dress. also, she was carrying a big, ruffled, pink and purple umbrella. The dragon was so excited he could not contain himself! He flapped his wings and flew straight up into the air. Then he let out a loud, “RAWR!” Followed by a big billow of smoke and fire. The princess squealed with delight when she saw her friend and called out to him, “Fly over here and get me you silly, silly dragon!”

The dragon and the princess both decided to be pirates. They got on the pirate ship and sailed off to find more treasure because treasure is fun to find. However, every now and then, they still went back to the flowers to play. Not just because they liked to play in the flowers, but also because that is where they buried their treasure chest.

The End


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