Telepictionary is a great game.

Things you need to play:
1) A group of friends
2) A stack of paper (Each person’s stack should have one piece of paper for every person playing) (computer paper chopped in half works well).
3) Pencils and/or pens

Everyone sits in a circle. You write something on the top sheet of paper in your stack. Then, you pass it face down clockwise. The person that receives your stack will read what you wrote, move that paper to the bottom of the stack, and then draw a picture representing as best they can what you said. When they are finished, they pass the stack face down to the person next to them. That person looks at the picture, moves that sheet to the back of the stack, and then writes what they think the picture is. It keeps going like this alternating from picture, to words, and back to picture. When you get your original stack back, you look back through at what happened to what you wrote originally. Then, you take turns around the circle reading your stack to the rest of the group and showing off the pictures. At this point hilarity generally ensues.

Last night we had an end of the world party that was promptly followed by a party to celebrate the world not ending. At this party we played telepictionary. Most of us had played before, but we introduced our friend’s ten year old son to the game. I have to say, it was an EXCELLENT idea. The kid is hilarious.

Here are my two stacks for the night (I’ll label who wrote/drew under each picture.):

Round Two (because I put them up in the wrong order and I’m too lazy to fix it):




(James – I think this won cutest picture of the night.)

(Ryan – The ten year old.)

(Russ -Who didn’t know what a chibi was.)


Round One (see above explanation):





(Ryan – So awesome with the carebear reference.)




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