there is no sense arguing…

It is with great regret that I must cause a bit of distress for many of you tonight. It is essential for me to inform you of something that may come as a shock to you or make you feel sad inside in that place where five year old you still lives. Here it is, all laid out in complete honesty: My dad is so much cooler than your dad.

I am sorry I had to put you through that, but it had to be said.

Here is the thing, on Friday my car blew a raspberry at me. It has been unseasonably wet this spring, so when my dear, old, sometimes not so nice car decided it did not want its rear window to roll up anymore, I pretty much shook my head in despair and went into freak out mode. I think it looked something like this: !!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS STUPID CAR I NEED YOU  TO STOP BEING STUPID YOU STUPID CAR AND DON’T LEAVE ME IN THE RAIN WITH STUPID WINDOWS THAT WON’T ROLL UP YOU STUPID CAR !!!!!!!!! Anyhow, after a panicked call to my daddy, he told me to bring it over, so I did the logical thing and ignored him. I decided I would do it myself. I opened my back door, sat on the seat, stared at the window, and occasionally picked at the paneling on the door that I knew hid all of the secrets that would tell me what was ailing my mode of transportation. After staring at it for a couple of hours, I drove it to my dad. He took the panel off, unscrewed some things, and realized he didn’t have the right tools to finish the job, so, I went home. The next day, however, he took my amazing, fantastic, super-awesome, little brother (in-law) (seriously, he rocks too guys) to a junkyard and got the part he needed to make my car better. Just like that. Working window. Fast as can be and even without me being there to help. He just did it! He’s the bestest.

Thus my schoolyardesque assertion that my dad is cooler than yours.


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