just call me arnold…

I’m feeling a bit green. A bit queasy. A bit, a bit like Benedict Arnold. What has me feeling traitorous and downtrodden? Something that some of you may find quite ridiculous. You see, my friends, I’ve betrayed myself, again. This time it was with a simple purchase. Let me tell you the story…

A few months ago I realized that my mini was no longer cutting it on the writing front. The screen was too slow, the machine was too clunky, the innards couldn’t handle running more than one program at a time. It was a problem of epic proportions for someone that likes to write and likes to write wherever I am! My large, gaming laptop was starting to go everywhere with me. It has a pretty huge screen, a 10 minute battery life, and is very heavy. My back was always sore; I rarely pulled out my compy just to write if I had a few minutes to get some work done because of the fact that it was just too inconvenient. Thus began my quest for a new writing computer. I had a few different options, but I just kept going back to something a bit dreadful: a Mac. A Macbook Air to be specific. It was lightweight, had a good sized screen, ran the original Scrivener, had a full sized keyboard, and could run more programs at the same time than I would ever need it to. The only downside was the cost, but thanks to my lovely children, I had a tax refund coming. Ultimately, it just didn’t make sense to get something that would only kind of do the job for me when I could get something that hit every qualification I had for the perfect writing computer.

I felt a little dirty walking into the glaringly white Mac store, but I knew what I wanted, and I knew I wouldn’t have to be there long. They congratulated me on converting to Mac. I informed them that I still owned a PC that I was quite in love with. The guy selling me my new compy laughed at that. Then he told everyone. They thought it was funny that I was so skeptical of my new purchase and so against being congratulated for something that I found to be a necessary evil.

(My little compy at the store. I’m sure she would have rather gone home with someone who didn’t stare at her blankly and poke at her like a foreign object. Seriously, it took me a LONG time to figure this thing out, and I got so frustrated a couple of times that I just closed her and walked away.)

One of my friends told me I was undeserving of a Mac because of my negative attitude. To that I say, “Pshaw!” I’m just not sold on *all* the hype. I do love my little air though. She’s still nameless (poor thing) but I’m working on it. So far, I’ve been using her a lot. She is so light that I have to double check to make sure she is in my bag, her battery lasts long enough that I can carry her around and write without worrying about plugging in, and I can have several documents and internet searches running all at the same time. It is fantastic. So, although she makes me feel a little traitorous toward my PC and the love I still have for her, I suppose there is room enough in my heart for them both.

This is the bag I bought to carry my new compy in. It’s actually a purse. An honest to goodness, big-kid, legitimate purse! I like it a lot.

The inside of my already messy bag. It’s great! It fits everything I need! Compy, books, DS, moleskines, pens, and knitting.


2 thoughts on “just call me arnold…

  1. I’d rather have a remington, or a ruger or a gsg than another computer. So, I bought all three and a mossberg too. The world had better hope I am saner than some people think I am. You silly girl, you bought a Mac. Will your mac defend you when the righties come after your liberal behind. Oops, uncle don is off the reservation again. Or is it the far side of the hill? Love you.

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