sometimes i forget to eat: or, my almost eating disorder…

Most of the time, I find food to be an inconvenience. Let’s face it, most food that I encounter and have time to prepare on a daily basis just isn’t that exciting and it isn’t something that screams, “Eat me!” Here is my problem:

I make breakfast for the kids. Cereal is pretty good and pretty easy to eat, so I sometimes remember to get myself some while they are chowing down on their fruit and bagel or toast or cereal. They are eating and not being the sweet little goblins that they generally are which means I have time! Time to get something done that is hard to get done with toddlers running around my feet. Food is boring anyways and not super easy to eat while I’m working on projects, so I decide to just eat lunch later.

The kids sit down to eat some veggies and a sandwich. They much on crackers and cottage cheese. They sip their juice or milk. I eat a carrot, grab a banana slice, chomp a cracker, or steal a bite of yogurt. Then I take the world’s fastest shower or write a quick e-mail or make an important phone call while their mouths are full and quiet. Ah well, sandwiches are kinda bleh and I at least got a bite of something, so I’ll eat dinner.

I make dinner. I eat dinner. I go to bed.

Truly, I don’t mean to not eat. There is just so much to do! And food is kind of unexciting and just doesn’t usually interest me that much. Anyhow, I’m making a concerted effort to eat more. Today when I made sandwiches, I made one for me and put it in a plastic baggy. I will eat it after Cole goes down for a nap. Meanwhile, I put some crackers and an entire banana cut into pieces on a plate for me and poured a cup of milk. I will finish the milk. I will finish the crackers. I will eat the banana. I will nom the sandwich. Because I should.  Honestly, breakfast will still probably get forgotten most of the time, but I’m at least going to attempt to make an effort to not accidentally starve myself.


One thought on “sometimes i forget to eat: or, my almost eating disorder…

  1. Good plan. :)
    I dislike the preparations of food usually, so I will eat whatever is quickest and easiest, which is not usually the healthiest option. That to say, I understand somewhat. :) It was good to see you.

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