pictures of yarn…

I have been promising a few pictures for a while. So, I’m going to give you some!

This is the blanket for baby Bethany Grace! It is Cascade superwash and super soft and squishy. I’m really pleased with how it is coming out. The first picture is what I got done the day I started it during a knitting day with my friend Bekah. The other two are what I have managed to accomplish since. I’m working on it a little a day, sometimes just a row or two, but it goes quickly and I don’t think there will be a problem getting it done before she makes her debut to the world.

Meet my insomnia hat! I started it one night when I couldn’t sleep. Simple 2×2 ribbed bottom, a couple rows of knit, contrasting color strip in seed stitch, and then more knit. I’m almost positive that I love it, but I’m holding off final judgements until it is done. I picked the yarn out with Andrea before she moved at a store where I had a gift certificate. Actually, it may be silly, but I enjoy working on it because it makes me feel a bit closer to her because she helped me decide on the colors. It is also made out of a bulky Cascade.

Yay! My first (knitted) fingerless mitt. I absolutely LOVE fingerless gloves. So, I’m really pleased with the way it feels and the way the yarn looks, but I bound off too tightly and it squeezes my fingers. I’m hoping to feel up to tearing that part out soon so that I can finish one and start the other. They will be perfect for spring and cool summer evenings.

I have a couple more projects that I didn’t get pictures of today that I will put up later. However, I thought I would show you all what I’ve been up to!


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