posting… eventually…

I’ve been mulling over a couple of posts. They are all written and sitting as drafts but I just can’t bring myself to post them yet. I think they are close to ready, but something about them just screams unfinished. We’ll see how this week goes, I’ve been sick for about 80 years now and I think I’m finally starting to feel better. If I can manage to concentrate for longer than 30 seconds at some point this week, I’ll get something more meaningful up.

For now, however, I’m going to say this: I am a giant hypocrite. I like to vent and I like to rant and I like to judge people harshly for going off on their own problems on facebook. Maybe I think my venue is better. I don’t know. Someone I know said something about how everyone is too happy and fake online. I find it to be the opposite. I feel like my facebook wall is turning into one giant bitch and moan session. Good grief! The world is literally falling apart. People are in serious trouble. The kind of trouble that could cost them their lives or any hope of freedom. Somehow I’m becoming that person. The one that tells you to hush about your hangnail because someone else just lost a leg. Who knows what that says about me. Probably, as I said before, that I am a giant hypocrite.


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