squishy, awesome…

Prompt from a friend: Tell me about why you like yarn so much.

Sitting in the middle of the room, I spread hanks, skeins and balls alike around me. A giant circle of fluffy fibers resting in a semi-circle around me. An odd rainbow of sorts, with no order and with a greater array of colors. I do not just see yarn, I see yards and yards of promise. It may seem silly to the untrained eye, but one little fluffy ball looks like a friendly, warm hat while another looks like the beginnings of a blanket for a dear friend. Both of those things are comfort once created. Mashed potatoes, tacos, hot tea, chocolate milk, sunshine, swing sets, a fireplace, a favorite pair of slippers with comfy sweat pants; the kinds of things that are like a warm hug even when there is no one around to give it. Assurance and pleasure and the idea that even when things get really bad, I can do something about them. I can sit in the midst of my most dire moment and work quietly with my hands to make something beautiful. Even when there seems like nothing left, I can create a bit of  newness and beauty out of essentially nothing.

Walking into my favorite yarn store is like walking into a giant mass of sunshine. An overwhelming  feeling of elation fills me. Suddenly there are a million possibilities surrounding me. New socks, new sweaters, new scarves and hats. Bamboo needles hanging from a display look less like tiny pointy sticks and more like new friends. The air feels almost electric there is so much excitement. Rows of shelves taller than I am filled to the brim with one of my very favorite things. Running my fingers over the different textures and fibers, my mind races trying to pinpoint exactly what each one might be and how I might convince myself to buy them. Most of the time, I leave empty handed, but every now and then, I take home something new to add to my brightly-speckled, wonderful pile of joy!

Back in my room I look more closely at the yarn around me. I see a hank that a friend gave me during a certain down time in my life to make me feel better, and a ball that another friend got me from somewhere far away just because it made them think about me. Every bit around me has either been given in love, will be turned into something for personal comfort, or will be passed to another in love. There is not an ounce of negativity or bad feelings in the lot. All beautiful, all wonderful, all full of happiness, potential, luxury and peace.


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