my happy place…

Lately my blood pressure has been slightly raised. This has lead to me to spend a lot of time going to my various happy places…

Baseball season is upon us and that means not only an entire year of saying that my Giants are the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! It also means that Brian Wilson is showing up all over the place again. That man is seriously insane and seriously dreamy. I was never the girl with a million celebrity crushes, but I can honestly say that I have a giant, old-fashioned, school girl, crush on this particular baseball player. *swoon*

I’ve finished my first fingerless glove. It is cute, but I did the binding off too tightly so I’ll have to take it out and try again. I think the rest of it will fit well though, and even if it doesn’t I have plenty of yarn to start over and make two slightly bigger ones. I’m excited for how they look though. The yarn is so soft and knits up beautifully. Someday I’ll take some pictures of my latest knitting projects and do a giant picture dump post, but for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it. After I figure out the problem with my mitts, I’m going to cast on a hat for myself. I bought some pretty yarn with a birthday gift certificate from last year and I’ve been needing a new hat for quite some time.

I’m working on a new comic. It’s official. as soon as I can figure out the logistics of getting the art done, I will once again have something that I publish on the internet that I feel good about. Anyhow, I’m hoping to have it up and going in the next few months and I’ll keep you guys posted. In the meantime, I’m scripting and loving it!

It seems that it is about time for me to go comic shopping again. I’m reading one that my friend Kevin loaned me, but I want another Buffy and another Scott Pilgrim. On another note, being out of comics means that I have been reading books. I’m almost done with one, and as soon as I am, I’ll post something long and boring about it, and then I will start Neverwhere. I’m pretty excited about that, actually. Maybe today will be spent reading one book so that I can get to another!

I wrote a bit on another writing prompt the other day. I’ll finish that at some point this week and get it posted. (Read with sarcasm, please.) I know you all live for my bits and pieces of literary genius, so I thought I would give you something to look forward to. But seriously, I enjoy posting things on here that are fictitious and just fun for me to create, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Finally, I must say goodbye in order to go do my daily quests and get the reputation I need with a couple of different factions so that my gear can suck a little less and I can be slightly more adamant about my awesomeness in WoW when stupid people try to correct my game play. Yeah, that’s about all I have to say about that… for now anyway.


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