just to get it out of my system…

(Dear Mom, skip this post please. Love you.)

Idaho makes me angry. I’ve been spending weeks reading comments by people on the education bills here that make me want to get in a car, drive to their house, and start slapping. I’m so done with this little red state of mine. I have no problem with Republicans just like I have no problem with Democrats. I do, however, have a problem with anyone that will vote for something based only on if it backed by red or blue or if the person has a giant R or D next to their name. That is complete bull shit. I also have a problem with people that believe that we can honestly let the government sneak their little tentacles of control into every aspect of life without consequences. There were problems before unions were formed. There were problems when people were not allowed to meet and protest things they disagreed with. There were problems before the Revolutionary War and before people rose up and started telling those in control what they wanted. I suppose if you are pining for repression, we should keep moving down this rode and work hard to eliminate unions and protesters that we disagree with. I, however, hate being repressed and would appreciate if you just went to a different country where that kind of problem already exists. I hear Libya is nice this time of year and it is already generally fucked, so, you know, you can’t make it any worse even if you try. In my passion over this issue, I have been severely insulted based on my age or a supposed idealistic world view that I don’t even hold. I think people are generally crap and that these generally crap people will pretty much screw us over until there is nothing left. I’m done being insulted. I’m warning the world right now, I will tolerate many things, but I will not tolerate being talked down to because of something that I cannot change. I am 25 years old and more politically informed it would seem than most of those twice my age in my state. So, just to be clear, I think that using insults to make a point is wrong, I will not tolerate it any longer, and I will continue to speak the truth I know to the world. If you don’t like it, you can just stop listening to me.




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