some things…

It had been ages since I watched a major sporting event with my family, but today I spent the Super Bowl with my mom, dad, grandma and Andrea. It was great! We watched the game; we cheered on the Packers (especially #35 Korey Hall and #73 Daryn Colledge go go BSU!); we ate food, talked and knitted. It was a great night!

I miss the comic right this second. I made a mistake and started reading through it again. Bad Krissy. It was fun, it gave me purpose, and I really, really liked writing it. I suppose it is okay to miss it still. I’m going to pretend it is at least. Humbug.

Tonight I finished my mom’s cowl. I put too many twists in it when I first started, of course, but I decided it didn’t matter. It looks kind of silly when not being worn but it actually fits quite nicely. So I suppose the extra silly looking but fairly functional twist isn’t so bad. It actually kind of keeps the cowl sitting up closer to the neck and gives it a little extra substance. Whatever, my mom said she liked it, so I am content. I forgot to get pictures of it, but I will take some at some point and post them.

I’m currently working on some curtain tie backs with some very pretty yarn that my friend Brandi hand spun. It’s pretty; different purple hues. I’ve needed something to hold my curtains in the day time so that I can get some light in, and it will look nice next to the black fabric. I know it probably isn’t what she had in mind when she gave me the yarn, but I’m excited about them. They will be cheery and every time I see them and use them, I will think of her.

Oh! I also cast on some fingerless gloves for myself. My mom had a pattern she showed me tonight and I had the exact yarn that it was written for just waiting in my bag. I’ve been wanting to turn that specific yarn into gloves for a year or so now so it felt a bit fated that the pattern would land in my lap tonight.

Tomorrow I have a bit of sewing and knitting on the docket. Tuesday is for cleaning and some serious BSG playing (it’s time to try the expansion). Thursday, friends are coming over to watch Saturday’s UFC fights (no spoilers, please). I’m going to attempt to fit in some comic and book reading as well at some point. This week is going to be great because I say so! (As long as I stay AWAY from reading old Bus Stop comics.)


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