title writing is hard…

Occasionally I sit down ready to write something profound and all I find swimming around in my brain and flowing down to my fingers is nonsense. I think part of the reason I have been a smidge remiss in blogging anything too personal is that I haven’t felt like creating some form of elaborate lie to tell you all. However, today I feel like a well thought out lie might be good for my soul. I think the best thing about writing a blog is that you can say whatever you want and people can choose to believe it or not. I personally believe that most of the time people tend to jump on the belief bandwagon, however, I generally look at blogs with skepticism. If one really wanted people scattered here and there to believe that they were one way or another, the internet is a good place to start spreading one’s own rumors.

Have I told you that I am capable of a few rather rare and interesting things? For instance, I have the ability to turn invisible. It can come in quite handy in crowds when I haven’t spent much time on my hair and the girls around me look like they just stepped daintily out of Vogue or some other jeans and t-shirt hating fashion manifesto. It can also come in handy when I just don’t feel like talking to the people that I’m sharing air with. I will say though that this rather remarkable ability comes with a few minor bumps and bruises, namely bumps that lead to rather large and unsightly bruises. Large people (and by large I mean tall and by tall I mean taller than me which is not a very difficult feat to accomplish) tend to run into me with knees and elbows. They generally shake it off like they barely felt it and don’t often have the courtesy to look and see what they ran into. Of course, looking would do them no good due to the invisibleness of me. Overall I believe that that the pros outweigh the cons and that being able to become invisible me at a moment’s notice is an asset to daily life and continued sanity.

At first I had planned on writing more in this post. I had planned to wax on about different things until you all grew bored and moved from actual reading to skimming just so you could be done with the whole ordeal, but I changed my mind… so there. Instead, I’m going to end this post while I feel it still ends a bit awkwardly.


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