a few christmas presents…

I have something to say about games and my DS. Ahem.

The new Professor Layton game has been started. I usually power through them, but them I’m sad that they are over. So, I have a plan this time. I’m playing it a little, and then playing another game a little. I’m sure I will still be sad when I finish it, but at least I won’t be sad quite as soon. I’ve played the prologue of Unwound Future so far and, as with the previous two installments, I’m interested in where the story will go. These games are brilliantly made. The mysteries are not easily figured out and the puzzles are fun to do. The art is silly but detailed and the world maps are fun to move through. I’m currently a bit torn because…

For my other game, I chose Alice in Wonderland. So far it is easy and cute and fun. The art is fun and dark and I’m sure someone will make a crack about it being “me”. Well, it is. Alice is being lead through Underland by the white rabbit, and when they are walking around, she skips. It’s pretty much adorable. I actually spend time walking instead of running just because I want to watch Alice skip around. It is quite possible that this game will become less of a distraction from Professor Layton, and just something I need to finish. I guess we will see.


One thought on “a few christmas presents…

  1. There is one more Professor Layton game (and a movie!) released in Japan. A fifth game is in the works for the 3DS. Are you sure they’re not going to come over to the US?

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