take that utes…

What happened tonight? BSU won another bowl game, that’s what happened. The Broncos shut up the Utes pretty quick on the field. After a slow first quarter, we showed up and reminded Utah why trash-talking just makes you seem silly in the long run. We killed them. They were sufficiently pummeled into the ground and their smirks were wiped off their faces.

During the game, I made pretty good progress on BSU hat. It is so close to done that I can taste it. I may stay up extra late just to try and finish it. Originally, I had planned to give it to a friend for Christmas, if I can keep my needles moving for the next few hours I just might make that deadline. The yarn is soft and absolutely wonderful to work with, I’m just stalling because I’m darned good at procrastinating. Part of what I need to do is figure out my decreases. I started with a pattern, but then I modified the hell out of it and now I’m left scratching my head a little bit. I’ll get it figured out though and I’m sure it will look okay in the end.


I’m finally starting to feel ready for Christmas. I really can’t wait to see how the kids in my life like their presents. I’m crossing my fingers for good results!


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