pretty moon… <3

I watched the lunar eclipse tonight. Sleep sounded absolutely amazing, but I stayed awake, and I’m glad I did. It was breathtaking. The moon was brilliantly bright tonight. Slowly, a shadow began to creep up on the outside edge. The shadow grew and started to turn red. Soon, the moon looked rusty. As the final glimmers of white light disappeared, the moon’s appearance morphed from a disc to an orb; a three dimensional ball floating amongst the shimmering stars. I think I caught sight of a meteor streaking across the sky at one point, but I was too entranced by the eclipse to say for sure if I saw what I think I saw in my peripheral vision. After wondering all day if it would be clear enough to see the event, I wanted to soak up as much as I could, but the chill and the sleepy drove me inside. I went out one last time a few minutes ago and took one final look, then I curled up under my blanket in front of the heater for some warming up.


Other stuff:

Christmas is soon. Days away. I’m not ready.

Tonight: I ate sushi and played wow and pretended my life was more exciting than it is. It made for a pretty good time.

Tomorrow: I must shop. I must knit. I must get things done.

Right this minute? I’m going to fall asleep watching Top Gear.


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