Five in the morning and I seem to be getting along well these days. Two nights in a row going to bed when a good chunk of the world is getting up. Many more nights of this and I may come out on the other side rather certifiable, however, I promised concrete things and so here they are:

Cam Newton won the Heisman. Of course, I’m not surprised, but the boy seems smug and I don’t like smug one bit. The entire ceremony I wanted to tell him he needed to work on faking humble just a bit harder.  It was pretty crazy seeing a Bronco quarter back in New York for the shindig. Even knowing that Kellen didn’t have a prayer at taking home the trophy, it was a proud moment for those of us that bleed blue. Fourth place is pretty amazing knowing how many kids play college football, and on top of that, Kellen scored 40 first place votes. The third place finisher (LaMichael James) only got 22.

Speaking of blue, there is a rather sad looking half finished BSU hat sitting in my knitting bag right next to another tearful grey hat. They both are woefully neglected on account of Blizzard deciding it was time for another World of Warcraft expansion to drop. I’ve spent the last few days playing through the new content released with Cataclysm and I’ve been quite impressed. The story lines are great, the zone designs are quite nice, and the dungeons that I’ve gone through so far have been pretty spectacular. All in all, I’d say that Blizz put out something amazing once again. My brand new 85 paladin is sitting patiently now to finish some quest lines and start getting geared. She has professions to level and new things to try still, but I’m thinking tomorrow may be a day of rest for her and maybe a day of knitting for me. We’ll see how that goes though. I may be drawn back to the game to play through the rest of the new starting zones.

Or maybe I’ll just take a nap…


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