blah, blah, blah, random, blah, blah, blah…

Today I spent time organizing an igoogle homepage for myself. It’s pretty and functional and my new best friend. Okay, I’m not to the point of giving up human interaction entirely for something electronic. So, maybe it isn’t my best friend, but it sure does make me feel much more organized. I have everything in one neat and tidy package for me now.

After hours playing with google, I went grocery shopping and got a lot of yummy type things to fill my tummy and to feed my kids with. I’m pretty darn excited for breakfast tomorrow, to tell you the truth. I love grocery day. Shopping is one of my least favorite things ever, but I really like having a ton of tasty food at my fingertips after I’m done.

I’m working on a new knitting pattern. The guild I am a part of on WoW is represented with an octopus tabard. I want to translate the octopus to a hat for myself. I’ve been needing a good beanie that I can wear with anything, and I’ve been wanting to learn some color work, so I think this is the perfect project. I’m hoping it turns out well. It will be my first charting attempt as well as my first go at fair isle, so I suppose I’m not expecting too much.

Oh! And speaking of WoW, I stumbled across this on mmo-champion today. The Daily Blink. It’s fun and silly and enjoyable if you play the game.

On the other side, speaking of knitting, BSU hat is going well, I started a project for my mom today, I have more, new pretty yarn that is going to be a hat for me (it may end up being ADR Octopus hat) while other new yarn is going to be mittens for sure, and I’m a good bit into the hat for Josh that I promised him ages ago.

Switching gears:

BSU lost against Nevada, if I said I wasn’t heartbroken, I’d be lying. I know we will get a consolation bowl now, but I’m still pretty proud of the 11th place we are in. I got to thinking that a few seasons ago, one loss would have been the end. It would have meant falling to the bottom, or out of, the rankings. This year, it meant being in the middle and still getting SOME sort of bowl game. We always have next year. Also, with TCU moving to the Big East, I don’t care if they win the Rose bowl. I was going to root for them to be part of some sort of BCS shakeup, but now, people would just say they were really just waiting to move conferences and that their win was evident of that. Bah. Now I’m going for the other team. Although then I suppose people will say they aren’t ready for the move. Oh well. People are lame.

And finally: I finished my NaNoWriMo project! It’s currently absolute crap, but I have a jumping off point and I will be editing the living daylights out of it. Soon it may be something readable. We shall see.


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