my cowl…

I finished something for me! I started this in October and didn’t make it very far. I did a big chunk of it on the airplane going to San Francisco and another big chunk watching the Giants World Series parade on TV. I love it! It kept my neck super warm out in the snow after I finished it up last night. It isn’t anything super exciting. Just simple 5×5 ribbing. But it’s done and it’s mine and I’m going to wear it to death.

Now I’m on to other things. I picked up some greyish wool for a hat for Josh that I got started today, and I’m working on a second BSU hat. This time I’m making it out of alpaca instead of acrylic that I just happened to have lying around. I’m not making it for me and I’m probably going to be a bit sad to give it away since it will be infinitely nicer and softer than the one I made for myself.

Yesterday at Fuzz, I also picked up some Manos silk/wool blend that will end up as a hat for me (I think) and maybe some gloves if I have enough. I also ogled some lace weight Manos (the stuff is my weakness…) I talked to the gals that hang out there knitting about what to make out of lace when I had never done lace before. One of them suggested a nice, light, not too lacy, scarf. I think I might go with that. Something that would work in the summer, or in the winter with nicer clothes (you know, if I ever dress up for something, not that I will, or ever do, but I suppose it could happen).


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