the halfway point…

I have a tiny bit more catching up to do for NaNoWriMo. Today is the halfway point and I’m not *quite* at halfway. I have just over 20,000 words instead of the 25,000 I should have at this point, but still, I’m pretty okay with my progress. I would have caught up all of the way this weekend if it hadn’t been for a pretty terrible cold that kept me sleeping when I wasn’t knitting Jennie’s birthday present.

Giving away knitting, crocheting, or sewing projects always makes me think about whether or not people will like and use them. The scarves I made my friend Michelle and her daughter showed up in family pictures on facebook, so I know they were used for their intended purpose. On a recent hiking trip Zim Piggy went along for the car ride. I noticed that he is getting a bit dirty and that absolutely THRILLS me. It means that he is loved and played with like he should be. Every now and then I see one of the baby blankets I’ve made being used. The entire time I was in San Francisco Shayla was using hers along with the matching burp rag. It was pretty great to snuggle a baby close in a blanket that I had created specifically for her. I like the thought of making things and having them be useful to the people I made them for.

Today I need to make some decisions. I have to deal with student loans and I need to find a place to fix the brakes on my car (I’m tired of not driving). I need to clean and sort, and I need to write out some goals. I’m really, really bad at decision making time, but I always feel so much better once I’ve done it so I guess I should get on things.


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