p.s. (oh yes, it happened again today…)

If one more person tells me someday I will be grateful I look so much younger than I am, I may scream. I would rather look my age and avoid the constant comments from adults about teen moms and I would rather not have people assume that I am a big sister to my children. You know what? It sucks. There is no way, no possible way, that the negative can be outweighed at any point in my life by positive. Look, I’m sorry if you are older and wish that you could look younger, but you are lucky. Be thankful that people give you credit for every year that you have struggled through and lived to the fullest.


*grumble* never leaving my house again *grumble*


One thought on “p.s. (oh yes, it happened again today…)

  1. Fear not, friend. You don’t look 14. You just look small and old. If I had to guess, I’d say… 4’2″ and 55? Am I right?

    Hehe, hope that helps. :)

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