San Francisco (Day 2)

My day started off a bit on the wrong foot because of bacon and how freaking yummy it is, but my parents picked up Jess, Shayla and I so that we could head into SF and hang out for the day which made life much bettervc z. I wanted to visit the Giants’ dugout store to get myself some sweet World Series gear (Squee! We won the World Series!) and I also wanted to find some seafood and sourdough bread.

We began our outing at AT&T Park (home of the Giants) and spent some time looking at all of the new merchandise. I happened to spot a JT Snow shirt which absolutely THRILLED me because, well, he’s been retired for a few years now and my previous Snow shirt had recently fallen on hard times while battling with a dryer *sniff*. Anyhow, after I acquired and donned my Snow shirt, my dad surprised us with a tour of the park. I’ve been on one before when I was younger, and let me tell you, it is a good time. Somehow we managed the same tour guide even like 8 years later, and the man knows his stuff. He’s incredibly knowledgeable not only about the stadium and team, but also about the city. The tour was great. He started by taking us out on the field, and then he let us do something that I did NOT get to do last tour, he let us sit in the GIANTS’ dugout! Last tour I was on, we only got to get close to the away team’s dugout. I was pretty much in heaven right about then; sitting where all of my favorite players had been only a couple of weeks before. The tour continued on, and it was very enjoyable, but sitting in the dugout was definitely the highlight.

Everywhere we went in the city there were Giants shirts and caps. The city was buzzing with the win. Billboards and signs hung from the sides of buildings were everywhere honoring the World Series champions. After the sun started going down, orange lights began to glow from Coit Tower and other local monuments and buildings. People were talking about the games and the wins. They were talking about players from days gone by and the new team, the winning team. They were all basking in a sense of camaraderie. It was a beautiful place to be: no trash talking, no bitter losers, just a group of people that all loved the same thing. These people in this city? These are my people. These are tried and true, beat down, tortured, and rewarded Giants fans. On a normal day we wouldn’t know to say hello to one another, but the Giants are champs now, the city is dressed in black and orange, and everyone is just a little friendlier.

After our trip around the best place on earth, we headed to Boudin for some food. What you may ask? Well, seafood and sourdough bread of course; all together in a glorious thing called a crab cake sandwich. Yummy. Food consumed we headed to Pier 39 to window shop, see the sea lions that are slowly returning to the bay, watch the sunset, and eat freshly made mini doughnuts. It was a great day, a perfect day, an amazingly awesome, totally wonderful, very good day.


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