San Francisco (Day 1)

Today I got up entirely too early after staying up entirely too late. I went to the airport, got on a plane and made my way towards the Oakland airport for a little vacation to see some friends and my parents. My daddy greeted me with a brand new SF Giants sweatshirt which I wore for a good chunk of the day even though it was too hot for it and we headed off to my parents’ hotel room to watch the Giants homecoming parade live on local TV. (Going into the city seemed like a lot of work… and a lot of people…) The parade was awesome, and to be honest, our seats were WAY better than any we would have gotten live. The cities surrounding SF were electric today. People were buzzing withe excitement and I’m pretty sure it will be that way for a while here. Good grief, I’m so thrilled that I can be down here to experience it!

After the parade we went to Pixar where my friend Reid works. It’s quite a big deal to get in. Name dropping at a security gate, badges, identification checks… it made me feel special. Reid took us on a great tour and I learned a lot about a pretty unique company. They do all of their work on site, no outsourcing. They only things done away from their main building are some voice recording and orchestra recording. The company has a pretty small employee base, and I’m a little sad that I have zero talents that would get me a job there. It seemed like a great place to work.

At Pixar Reid’s wife Jess met up with us and I got to meet their baby for the first time! Shayla is beautiful and I am so in love. She is tiny and precious and absolutely amazing and I’m SO thankful that her parents have let me spend so much time snuggling her.

Dinner at CPK with Reid, Jess and my parents rounded off the day. the food was amazing and the conversation was even better. It was a great end to a great day.

Tomorrow we head into the city so that I can go hug AT&T Park and find myself some sweet Giants (THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!) gear. I’m thinking I need a t-shirt.


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