unabashedly biased…

I can honestly say that now I am content with the Giants trip through the post season. Of course, I will be infinitely more happy with every game they manage to win, but I’m thrilled that Uribe hit a 3 run home run off of the “un-hittableCliff Lee. The naysayers were all over the internet, Cliff Lee was to bring an abrupt halt to the Giants post season. I had few doubts that my Giants could do to Lee what they did to Philadelphia’s  Roy Halladay: make the perfect pitcher look not so perfect. The happy band of misfits who make up the San Francisco Giants have a lot of heart and they show up to win. Sometimes, I think it’s easier to be the underdog. It’s easier to come into a game being told that there is no way you can survive. As long as you believe that the cynics are wrong, all you have to do is walk on the field knowing that you can win. Texas has an amazing team and it’s hard to say what the rest of the series will look like. It seems that those who apparently know are still leaning in the direction of the Rangers, but they were wrong last night and I am optimistic.


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