the original plan…

Today I planned to take a hike up to Table Rock with Robyn, Jesse, Everett, James, Ryan and Bekah. From what I remembered it was a relatively painless hike and something I thought I should be able to do even in my current state of desperately out of shape. Well, when we got to the parking lot by the Old Penn, Jesse asked if we would like to take the scenic route. He made it sound great, selling it by telling us it was mostly flat and easy. He was right. It was pretty flat, but it also made the hike twice as long as it would have if we had just started up the hill. Only half of us actually made it to our destination, but I am completely okay with the distance I went. I’m actually even a little proud of myself. Next time I’ll make it to the top! Of course, next time I’m sticking to the original plan and avoiding the scenic rout like the plague. When I said I was desperately out of shape, I meant it with all of my being. I haven’t done much in the way of exercise since I found out I was pregnant with Jenna.Sitting relatively sedentary for almost 5 years is maybe not the best idea. We’ve been back from our hike for a couple of hours now, and I’m already starting to feel my muscles protest the abuse I just put them through. They better get used to it though, today I got mad at them and I’ve decided to abuse them more frequently until they decide to behave.

Here are a few pictures from the trip up to Table Rock…

We call these pictures the “Quitters Pictures”. Robyn, Ryan and I decided not to take the last little bit of the hike. Instead, we waiting while Bekah, Jesse, and James went up the rest of the way.

The picture on the Left is Bekah, Jesse, and James up at the top…

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