one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

“Is anyone else suddenly craving green eggs and ham?” (HIMYM reference. Haven’t seen it? SERIOUSLY GO CHECK IT OUT NOW! Don’t even finish reading this blog, it’s just about sports. Go find season one, and start watching.)

Freaking awesome day in the world of sports for me yesterday! Ohio had their asses handed to them by Wisconsin (two weeks in a row that the #1 team has fallen… and this week to an unranked team!), BSU pulled out another win of massive scoring proportions, the Texas Rangers wiped the smirks off the faces of those Damn Yankees (musical reference… giggle) and the Giants tried to kill me by making it to the division playoffs and then barely squeaking out a win in game one against the Phillies (in Philadelphia, by the way). On a Giants side not, I’m completely in love with their closing pitcher. Brian Wilson is amazing and he closes like nobody’s business! I’m a total fan. Lincecum had me a little worried when he walked a couple of batters (*gasp*) , but he held on and gave Wilson a lead to work with in the last two innings. I love my Giants and I love my Broncos and I freaking LOVE OCTOBER!


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