playing catch up…

I’ve been reading through a friend’s blog and realized I really haven’t been blogging enough. I love blogging and I should really do it more. There big gaps on here and those gaps represent parts of my life that I could remember had I written them down, but that I probably won’t because I didn’t. I’m going to work on catching up. I won’t do it all today because I know that would make you guys want to stab yourselves in the eye, but I’ll post a little here and there over the next few days about my summer.

I figure I should just go with events that pop into my head. Hmm… Let’s start with going to The Dirty Dash. It definitely wasn’t the first thing I did this summer, but it came into my mind first because, well, the friend who writes the aforementioned blog was there. Since she is on my mind, so is her visit I suppose. She was only in town for a very short time, but we still managed to see Brandi and spend a tiny bit of time with her. She did come into town earlier in the summer too, and that trip we got to go yarn shopping and spend some time knitting, however, this trip we spent a little time with her up at Bogus at The Dirty Dash while her brother-in-law and our friend James ran it, and then watching BSU tromp on the team they were playing that night. It was a beautiful day up on the mountain and I’m pretty sure that everyone had a good time.

Waiting in the sun up at Bogus while the crazy people ran the race…

They sold water balloons to throw at people as they crossed the finish line… genius way to make money.

Giant mud pit at the end of the race. Jesse and James ran and finished together… d’aww.

After the race was over, Andrea and I drove down the mountain to go to the Hyde Park street fair. It is always a good time and there are always some great booths that inspire me to get crafty. I’ve been knitting pretty much non stop since going to that and Art in the Park. I don’t have a lot of FOs to show for all of my work, but here are a couple:

BSU themed scarf for my friend Michelle. The blue yarn running through the center can be pulled and tied to give it a bunchy look, or it can be worn straight and wrapped around your neck.

Mobius cowl for Jenna. She helped pick out the yarn at Fuzz in Boise. It is a super soft alpaca/wool blend, and I think it turned out pretty cute.

And here is what I am working on right now! It is going to be a cowl just for me!

Okay, I feel like I’ve tortured you all enough for now. I’ll get back on tomorrow and write some more. Not everything will have pictures, and some of the posts might be pretty short because, let’s face it, my memory is pretty short.


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