I’m sad. My Giants lost game two of the post season tonight. I know that for the most part I will get little to no sympathy over this, but the facts are that I love baseball and that the Giants are a big part of my life. I spend most of the season secretly and quietly stalking the internet about my boys. I follow games on my phone or my compy. Why? Because I’m too damn emotional about the sport and my team to watch games in public. People think I’m silly for the way I react, so I hide. (Really not shocking.) Football tries to give me a coronary… baseball makes me turn into a silly, emotional little girl. Something about the game moves me, and as ridiculous as that may sound, it’s just the way it is. Every swing of the bat, every dive for every line drive, every catch in the outfield, every pitch from the mound, every double play, every movement in the bullpen, I’m hyper aware of every action of every player. It’s electricity and elegance and I love it. We needed to make some magic tonight, and it just didn’t happen. Godspeed on your trip to Atlanta, boys, and good luck once you get there. (With the Braves at home record, you’re going to need it.) <3


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