marian call…

Last night I opened up my little blue Moleskine to do some writing at a concert. Marian Call was playing at The Boise Fry Company. Marian was absolutely the bees knees. She sings about things that only a smart, geeky girl would and she sings them accompanied (occasionally) by her old school typewriter named Madeleine (named for Madeleine L’Engle). I was absolutely in awe and completely inspired. It’s fair to say that I may be looking for my own typewriter in the near future, not to play musically, but to type away on. I’m thinking that it would be somehow inspiring. Although, I may have to get some garb from the fifties to wear while I write… and maybe some horn rimmed glasses.

In the mean time, it’s back to pen and paper and my Moleskine. I have some editing to do on a few things I’ve written, and then I’ll get them posted to my tumblr, I promise.


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