very easily distracted…

Something simple, but amazing. It’s a thin, blue rectangle containing magic. Words sparking imagination. It has been ages since I sat down with a pen instead of a keyboard and poured my thoughts onto lined paper instead of a glowing screen. There is something about it. It is so much more profound than striking keys. I can see myself sitting at a writing desk one hundred, two hundred, three hundred years ago. Writing on paper is so much more timeless than writing on a computer.

I’ve been a little remiss about writing on this blog. I’ve been talking out my frustrations elsewhere. I figure if people are really curious, they will go looking for me. I pop up in a few places online. Since moving to wordpress I’ve lost a good chunk of the readership that I had built up at blogger. Part of me is sad that I am boring fewer people with my relatively dull life. However, part of me (the part that likes to hide in closets and read) rejoices in the feeling of privacy it has given me. It’s almost like I’m talking to myself again, and that appeals to my crazy side. As most of you know, I am quite mad, and my psychosis enjoys when I indulge it.

In truth, I am writing this to procrastinate. I have a book screaming at me from my hard drive and a very short story begging for a rewrite in my Moleskine. I should work on them instead of rambling off on here.

For those of you interested in the mundane details of my life, I started a writing group with a few friends. We exchanged Moleskine notebooks in which we had written a few writing prompts for the person receiving the one we sent off in the mail. We’re an eclectic group, and I have to admit that I wish we lived closer so that we could meet for coffee and tea and discuss our writing, however, we’re a scattered lot and that is not likely to ever happen. I’ve decided to be brave and post my responses to the prompts sent to me by my lovely friend Penny (teehee) on my tumblr account. If you want to check them out you can find them if you click here.


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