and then I wrote some stuff…

This really is not what I expected. There is no way I could have known how painful it would be to want something so badly for someone only to find out later that they refuse my kindness. Had I told myself that I could get so angry at someone that I created a few years ago, I would have laughed, however, the girl in my book is ticking me off. There is really only one way that certain stories can go. You think you are directing them in one direction, but then they spit on you and tell you that you’re wrong. Silly fake people ruining my life.

We are closing in on our 100th comic. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we have made it that far. On Monday we will post this milestone to our site and in a month and a half we will celebrate our 1st birthday. Where has the year gone? How the hell did I manage to write so many comics? The silly things have taken on a life of their own…

I’m working on a new project. Have I mentioned that? I had this idea a while back and I’ve been running with it. It is nowhere near done yet, but I am very excited. I talked my friend James into helping me with it, which is pretty awesome. I have the web address all worked out, I have scripts written, and I think that by saying those two things I have revealed that it is a new comic. I’m excited for something new and fun and silly and just me with no constraints of story lines or character development. I’ll keep you all posted as it comes along.

What is left? Mostly just bad poetry. I have a hard time believing that I am capable of good poetry because I know good poetry and what I write does not seem to measure up. However, it serves its purpose and makes me whole. I suppose in a way that makes it good. I have a notebook I have been carrying around with me; I’m filling it with angsty lines and also with silly tidbits. The truth is I am absolutely crazy and writing helps keep me a little bit grounded. If I didn’t write, I would burst into a million pieces and eventually completely disintegrate. Maybe I’ll share some of it soon. Maybe I’ll grab out my red pen and start editing first. Maybe I’ll open up the notebook and realize that sharing it is the last thing I should do. I guess I’ll figure that out soon.


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