the internet: a great place for undeliverable mail…

To you,
I miss you irrationally. I just want to be close to you right now, and it is completely impossible. Life is stupid. Sometimes I wonder what I did to Karma to piss her off to the point where bad things follow me around. Even things that seem good at the time lose their glimmer and I realize that they really weren’t gold as they had first seemed. It is amazing how big of a chasm separates us. You are one place, I am another, and although I would love to sit and rest my head in your lap, it isn’t possible. More than anything I want to hear your voice telling me that everything will be okay. I want you to brush my hair out of my eyes like you used to and make me laugh. I miss laughing with you. I want time travel. I want to be able to revisit your table so that we can talk again. I want to smile at you and see an answering smile on your face. Someone should make the impossible possible.
Sweet dreams…


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