most certainly, yes, quite…

Well hello, dear nemesis. So, it seems we meet again. I must have been somewhat mistaken upon our last encounter when I had thought to have ended you. However, it seems that your light was not snuffed. My revelry in your demise was premature and my elation over your doom was misplaced. Once again we stand toe to toe looking at one another directly in the eye. Actually, is it my imagination, or did you shrink some? I seem to be staring, more or less, at your forehead. Never mind that small rabbit trail of a notion, it was misguided… Bother, perhaps you became more diminutive in stature specifically to throw me off my original intent. Now I seem to have forgotten where I was going with this whole speech. Blast! You may have one this battle, my most hated and ubiquitous foe. However, as it is your very nature (see previous descriptor), we shall meet again. I am most ready for this encounter, and I will prepare my next oration with more care. Let it be known that you will meet your demise at the will of my very hand.


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