please note there is sarcasm in this post… no hate mail… i love you kids…

I cannot stress enough how much I love the fact that the boys I hang out with make me feel like less of a nerd. Thank goodness that they sit around and talk about how to write computer programs and and put computers together. Also, so glad that they take gaming seriously enough that they fill out gear spreadsheets and read forums on how to improve their game play. If it was not for these amazing guys, I would most certainly be completely embarrassed by the extent of my own nerdiness.

I have known for some time that I could no longer try and pretend that I don’t deserve the title of nerd. Last night at dinner I made an offhand comment about how I wanted to learn PHP and I knew it was over. (Mom, PHP is a computer language.) I could try and pretend that having two level 80 WoW characters and another one fast on its way, meant nothing. I could also attempt to tell myself that writing a web comic only meant that I was a writer desperate to have my words out there for people to read. Maybe the fact that the book I am writing could possibly be defined by the genre “Sci-Fi” meant that I was privy to information about the nerd world, but nothing more. However, the minute I admitted to a table full of programmers that I wanted to learn how to write script other than html, I was sunk.

That is why I am completely thankful that the crowd of boys that I call some of my closest friends are getting ready to meet and play Dungeons and Dragons in order to celebrate some holiday that celebrates dragons. That makes me supremely and awesomely satisfied with my life. Silly kids and their larping. (Thank goodness I had to work tonight and had a decent excuse to not go… phew… instead, I will head off to play with kids and finish crocheting my fingerless gloves while listening to JoCo on my iPod Touch.)

Oh! And can I please have an award for the most nerdy wikipedia hyperlinks in a blog… please?


5 thoughts on “please note there is sarcasm in this post… no hate mail… i love you kids…

  1. I am nerdy too, but in a different way. I can quote the best bits of the old Star Wars (but staunchly refuse to see the new ones; Niam Leeson or NO Niam Leeson, I won't be subjected to JarJar Binks); I can sew pretty much anything if I try hard enough; I enjoyed Babylon 5 in its entirety; I watch lots of period films, esp Brontë or Austens; I'm in love with the BBC. There, now you don't feel so bad!

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