truths and a lie

I wrote these down, and I don’t know why. It is especially odd due to the fact that they are in a notebook that only I look at. I am completely insane. I suppose you can all play if you want though.

Four Truths and a Lie

1: Sometimes I pretend I’m a vampire and refuse to recognize my reflection in mirrors.
2: My electronics all have names.
3: I am easily persuaded by infomercials, but only after midnight(ish).
4: I used to think I was brave.
5: I have an alternate version of almost anything I do waiting in my brain, unused.

1: I like celery.
2: I’ll do almost anything for cake.
3: If I’m cooking anything I will inevitably burn myself.
4: I like beets.
5: I wish I was a better cook.

1: I can’t ever get myself to regret anything.
2: I like hugging some people enough to initiate the hug.
3: I had a dream about purple flying lions once.
4: I want to visit England mostly so that I can visit the homes of dead writers.
5: I secretly wish I could be a rock star.


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