strange, but true…

Yeah, I just dreamed this, seriously. I’m glad I keep a notebook or a computer next to me at all times. In my dream I was sitting under a tree in a gorgeous sweater and a long flowy skirt, playing the guitar, and singing this to the wind. For some reason my hair was brownish and it kept blowing into my face, so I actually stopped mid song, pulled it back into a braid, and started over. My psyche is completely nuts.

The minute I gave up,
the minute my heart stopped,
is when I saw the colors fly by
in a technicolor sky.
The moment you held me
is the moment you sold me
on spending all of my days
wrapped up in this haze.
You promised with a kiss
it would always be like this
and I believed you,
because that is what I do.
Please never let this end;
always remember when
you told me this would last
and you calmed away the past.
In that whisper you told me,
in that minute where you showed me,
that life could be better
I wanted you forever.


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