so irritated…

Disclaimer: This is an angry letter to the world, if you don’t feel you are part of the problem, then you shouldn’t take it personally. If you know you are part of the problem, you are welcome to take offense. It seems like I have been hearing a lot of the same complaint lately. All I have to say is that people are downright mean.

Dear World,

It is absolutely not okay to treat people like you can apologize to them later. It is a completely ridiculous notion that you will always have a chance to say that you are sorry, and that when you do, it should make everything better. It really doesn’t matter what your problems are. I am sorry, but it’s a fact. When you go out and, because of your stress, pulverize the feelings of someone else, you can never fix it. I’m sorry that your life hurts you. That, is a shame. However, it is silly to assume that you are the only one feeling stress, pain, grief, or like you aren’t getting your fair share. That person you just yelled at, had those same feelings, and now they are feeling just a bit lower. You should be nicer to the people you call your friends, before you damage one of them to the point where they jump off a cliff.

The End


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