sky, house, bird, sky, house, bird…

Get it? It’s a pattern, which is what I seem to be developing again. When my brain gets too overloaded, I stop sleeping. I really don’t mean to, I just can’t calm it down enough to close my eyes. I suppose it isn’t really a big deal. I don’t need much sleep to wake up and feel rested the next day. Maybe that’s on purpose. At least my brain and body agree with each other or I would be a zombie most days.

I’ve been missing my grandma a lot lately. She was a beautiful lady. I’m so blessed that I got to live in the same house as her for so many years and that we got to be such good friends. She made the best stuffed animals. I have several still. The other day I went into Jenna’s room and found one of them. I held it close and remembered what it was like to give her a hug. I really think she would get a kick out of me making animals for other people. They aren’t nearly what hers were, but they come from the same place in my heart.

I’ve never been very good at losing people. I just don’t handle it well. Even with all of the practice I have had, it never gets easier.

It’s too late for me to be talking about something this deep. Time for Pandora to hopefully help me find some sleep. Time for lullabies via the A Fine Frenzy station… starting with Coldplay it would seem.


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