busy and such but that’s okay…

Hello, my life is busy and I’m running out of time to be bored. That, is a very good thing.

First, I am once again working in the nursery twice a week. It seems that the 5ish month break that I took was enough to make me want to go back. It is crazy to me that I have worked there for 6 years. The babies that I started with are in first grade this year. The kids in the oldest room that I started with are in third grade. How crazy! Seeing them walking around and being big kids is strange and makes me feel very old.

The comic is going well. At least I think it is. My little trip to Vegas inspired me with a story line that I have been quite pleased with. Characters are developing and people are responding and it is quite nice. For a while I was feeling a bit discouraged about the whole thing, but it seems I got over myself and am now okay with the fact that only a few people might ever enjoy it. I’ve decided that as long as someone is reading it and laughing that I am perfectly okay with that.

There are a hundred little things occupying my time and I like them. I finally convinced Josh that we should move to Boise. I’ve been looking for a place that we can afford that is big enough for us and that allows dogs. Tuesdays and Thursdays I drive to Boise to do comic stuff and to work on my own writing and just to see friends. It is also possible that I spend entirely too much time playing WoW and games on my DS. I figure whatever gets me though my day with some of my sanity is 100% time well spent.

Family stress is getting to me these days and I figure I will blog about it later, but I just don’t have it in me today… at least not at this very moment. Maybe later.


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